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In March 2022, I found myself confounded by the escalating humanitarian catastrophe in Europe at the beginning of the Russia- Ukraine conflict and the helplessness it engendered in me. So I shared thoughts with a loose-knit group of like-minded people who were similarly affected and interested in building awareness of the situation.


In early April, a team travelled to Krakow, Poland and the Ukraine border where we met with individuals, organizations, charities, and business leaders to understand first-hand how the society had responded to the sudden upheaval. There we shot interviews and quickly made these short films that best illustrated the immediacy of the situation.

The films were promoted through a targeted viral advertising campaign to business leaders, press outlets and writers, along with presentations to business and charitable organisations in the US and UK.

By making the videos available publically, we promoted the power of individual and group action to effect change by inspiring people to follow their gut. 


Some companies and organizations used the media we produced to focus fundraising efforts and gather money, food and clothing for their charities. While it is hard to gather metrics on a campaign like this, a local California utility company told us that they had managed to raise over two million dollars through their charitable portal. 

Dima's Story

Dima's Story

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