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We are living in a fast-evolving world with ever-changing needs. Predictability is a thing of the past and an inclusive future will be shaped by our collective imagination. 

At Bobbin & Fly, we strive to capture moments that explore narrative through an unexpected but discerning eye. We are on a tireless quest to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  

So, where there is a story to be told we seek to find a way to tell it, not as it has traditionally been told, but in a way that it will be understood, with a fresh ear - through fresh eyes.

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A high speed film about identity, addiction, aging and neuroplasticity. The struggles of move on. 

Why Bobbin and Fly?
No, this is not a fishing reference.


The name comes from the bobbin and fly frame, a machine built for spinning yarn: where spinning yarn means to tell stories - from interesting or imaginative angles.


Bobbin and Fly is a small creative production company, that specializes in visual storytelling. We produce handcrafted films for a diverse clientele. We work in the advertising, marketing, documentary, corporate, broadcast,  not-for-profit, educational and independent media spaces: we see great value in each.





Be it origination, from concept through completion, creative srvices, editing or production services - we tailor our service to client needs. From our network, we build a team around each project - specifically tailoring creative and technical talent around the task at hand.


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